T Jet Magnets

These had been in all probability the strongest non dimpled true T-Jet magnets ever provided. We have a few “untouched” Tuff Ones and have examined the magnets, so we’re pretty positive concerning the findings here. Green & White may be found in most early XLerator chassis as properly, with strengths in the same vary because the Tuff Ones. It had been suggested prevously in the HO DL that Aurora wasted nothing and I consider it.

T Jet Magnets

As was in all probability the case with the White/Orange dimpled magnets, the White/Green XL magnets were probably the same batch as the White/Green Tuff One magnets. Available within the ill-fated A/FX Super II automobiles and on the aftermarket, these magnets are easily identifiable by both colour and slightly “dimple” forged into the middle of every magnet. The magic of the dimpled magnet is the “full orientation”, meaning that manufacturing tolerances were such that these magnets ought to have a consisten energy throughout the whole face. Super AFXPoly magnets – polymer cobalt magnet for Aurora AFX Magnatraction or Xtraction 10% stronger than our old AFX poly magnets and matched for area power. I even have been attempting flat neo bar magnets with combined outcomes, however had not thought of sandwiching the T-jet magnets.

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Again, I want to thank Front Range HO for this info. If you’re thinking about that magnet data then click on the learn extra hyperlink. If you are not into tuning, don’t have the time or simply lack the mandatory data, full rolling chassis are available for residence and competitors use. Gathered a variety of the higher components and instruments in one location for easier buying. Sailor Yacht Club presents charter crusing yachts, fishing excursions and Jet ski leases, as well as crusing classes and workshops- out of Marina Herzliya and the old port of Jaffa – Tel Aviv. Charter a yacht to take pleasure in one of the best view and distinctive sightseeing of Israel shoreline – while experiencing the most effective the ocean can offer..

That’s most likely appropriate, but of the 2 units I’ve had since building my magnet tester, they measured only a hair beneath Super II’s in energy. We know these aren’t Aurora, however they are also plentiful and so highly effective that they should be acknowledged. The following ‘Factory’ Magnets are listed from Strongest to Weakest, so we put the JL X-Tractions first. If you need robust magnets in your magna-traction, get a pair of these. We’ve have tested over 10 pair they usually have constant measurements because the strongest ceramic Magnets for the MT/XT you will get.

Recharging T-jet Magnets?

Numerous tests by experienced racers have proven that the selection of body positively affects your cars dealing with. Classic/Nostalgia Class – this ECHORR class allows only slender wheels and tires throughout with a 1 1/8” width. As noted in a previous article I went looking for some data on the Front Range HO web site solely to search out the website now not exists. I was in search of info on magnets for the pancake chassis.

In anticipation of the approaching chassis he has also launched t-jet type pickup shoes, some with an extended step and some with a regular step. Thanks to Vincent Piazza, as he contributed much data during his extensive analysis and personal information gathering. Slugger, as he took the time to snap a photograph of his assortment of Pancake magnets and provide it to us for this article. Much of the details about out of production pairings was gathered from member of the HO DL.

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‘best handling’ At the current time there are just one or two makers of approved Fray and ECHORR bodies. Very satisfied with a boutique resort, the proprietor is very good, the evening resort has a free buffet before the small dot, and free parking, parking in Tel Aviv is actually expensive. Our adventures could be numerous lengths, difficulties and prices, according to your interests.

T Jet Magnets

Lets take a look at some different magnets by strength – We’ll rate their strengths from 1 to 5 since that’s how our Analog meter rates them. We know these aren’t Aurora, but they’re also plentiful and highly effective that they have to be recognized. The following “Factory” magnets are listed from strongest to weakest, so we put the JL X-Tractions first. If you want strong magnets in your Magna-Tractions, gat a pair of those. We have examined over 10 pair and so they have constant measurements and the strongest ceramic magnets for the MT/XT you can get.


I put the magnets end to end as they are in the automobile. The bars go on the skin of the magnet meeting. I figured I’d look around for info on ceramic magnet materials.

Generous sized applicator bottle with plastic protect for applicator needle. $6.99Free Jet – a specifically formulated lubricant really helpful for all ECHORR cars. These armatures are excellent on the lengthy straights.

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It was also reported that there have been carded black/red parings offered by Aurora that also displayed the dimple. Depending on the rules, sanding or grinding the small rectangular “end faces” won’t only produce a nicer match (resulting in less chassis “twist”), but in addition convey the magnets just that much nearer to the armature. Anyone who has ever run a new t-jet out of the field with out oiling it knows the five gear energy practice sounds like you’re dragging a bag of nickels across the track.

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T Jet Magnets

I even have some authentic stock T-jets that I cleaned up and so they run okay. Bottom line, I discovered I actually have to check each arm/magnet combo to make the most effective car. But in the occasion that they sit on a metal plate I am undecided that makes a flux circle just like the horseshoe magnet keeper. The horseshoe magnet is simple as a outcome of the north and south finish are subsequent to each other. Kev, if you take it so far as eager to measure magnet energy for matching, bear in mind that purpose built gauss meters don’t come cheap. A cheaper viable possibility is to use a “small components” electronic scale.

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That is what worked properly with that arm, so I used it in a nostalgia automobile. So I play with the assorted energy mags to search out that candy spot. I have a prime of the line Trik Trax ceramic magnet zapper.