Swab Making Machine

If desired, the screws 22 could be adjusted, so that the thickness of the cotton which is fed to the tearing-rolls 25 and 25a, is substantially thicker than the clearance between saidrolls 25 and 25a. In such case, the rolls 25 and 25a will substantially compress the cotton, in addition to tearing off successive lengths T. Therefore, I can regulate the machine so that rolls 25 and 25a either don’t compress the sliver, or else stated rolls 25 and 25a considerably compress the sliver. If the rolls 25 and 25a considerably compress the sliver, then the thickness of the wound masses 32 is increased. That is, the drawing rolls impart a considerably everlasting set to the sliver.

Swab Making Machine

The respective pairs of laterally alined notches 5a, choose up the sticks 2, one by one. Each stick 2 is moved out of hopper I, underneath a fixed information G, which is fastened to a wall of the hopper I, which is fastened to the body of the machine. Said information G prevents sticks 2 from shifting laterally relative to discs 5. Cotton swab making machine is especially used to make cotton swab with double cotton head. It is used for cotton swab making, drying and packing process.

Specification Of Cotton Swab Making Machine

With sturdy capability of R&D, We have obtained many of patents to make our machines be more of easy, userfriendly, technologically superior operation, it is extremely stable and value efficient. We have obtained many of patents to make our machines be more of easy, userfriendly, technologically superior operation, it is extremely stable and value efficient. Perfect to unravel the problem of mildew of bamboo stick , wooden sticks by humidity. Flocking powder is made up of masses of tiny fibers and could be made from synthetic or natural materials corresponding to cotton, rayon, polyamide and polyester. 10, the stick 2 may be provided with a melancholy N, whose cross-secti0n is angular in the axial aircraft or the stick 2.

Another object is to offer every said respective length with adhesive, immediately at the level where the respective length is spirally wound on the stick, in order that the spirally wound layers remain adhering to one another, after the adhesive has dried or set. This prevents the spirally wound mass of cotton from unwinding. four and 2 show that gear 45, which is fixed to shaft 35, meshes with a gear 55 which is mounted to shaft il. Another gear 450 is mounted to mentioned shaft forty one. 2 exhibits that mentioned gear 360 meshes with an equal gear 56d, which is fixed to shaft l’la. G and 4 show the standard pin thirteen, which is fastened to a disc 13a, which is fixed to the stud shaft 53.

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If the rolls 25 and 25a compress the sliver, the set of the sliver is not everlasting, so that the thickness of the sliver will increase directly after the rolls 25 and 25a. Each stick 2 is thus twirled about its horizontal axis, while the rolls I4 and I! Turn in unison throughout an arc of about 240 levels. The periphcry of roll I4 is sufficiently resilient and yieldable, in order that its notched portion on the notch [5 releases and movesaway from the stick 2, after mentioned stick 2 has been delivered to the meeting stafion above the formers l 02. At the completion of the twirling operation, the planar face l6 of roll .H directly adjoining roll M, in order that the stick is not frictionally engaged between the rolls 4-4 and I1. It has been well-known for greater than fifty years, to wind materials upon a mandrel or reel, which rests initially upon the peripheries of two cylindrical twirling rolls, which rotate the reel.

This ensures that our Alcohol Swab Making Machine has a protracted service life and high output. After the twirling has been accomplished, the planar face l6 of the roll H is offered to the assembly station, thus stopping the twirling. The continued rotation of the roll I!

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Alcohol wipes are available in various packaging forms, corresponding to single piece, two pieces, 10 items, 20 items, and so on., which are straightforward to hold. Different packaging sorts require totally different machines to complete, this alcohol swab making machineis mainly used for single pack. Said gear I22 meshes with .a smaller .gear seventy four which is fastened to the stud shaft 53. A gear 19, which is mounted to stud shaft 53, meshes with gear H which is mounted to shaft 35.

This invention relates to an improved technique and machine for making swabs and other articles. Such articles are sticks or rods to which a number of wound plenty of absorbent material are utilized and related. Such absorbent utilized materials could additionally be absorbent cotton, medicated or non-medicated. The invention is not limited to any kind of applied absorbent materials, and it isn’t limited to the use of applied material which is absorbent.

Automated Cotton Swab Making Machine With Double Cotton Head

The cotton swab diameter of the pin could make with adjustable from 1.8 to 5.5mm. The length of the cotton swab additionally can be adjustable from 67mm to 75mm. Control system makes use of superior Japanese technology and use beautiful and sensible rocker touch panel, simple operation. PEEPL Automatic Swab Packaging Machine works on the installed programmable logical controller to realize high precision and accuracy in packing. It is a multipurpose type of machine which is capable of packing Swabs, Gauzes, Surgical gloves, Syringes etc. This machine is equipped contact screen based mostly operator interface.

Swab Making Machine

Mission has been committed to the development and research of cotton swab machines for more than 10 years and is at present essentially the most steady producer in China. The completed swab is thus launched by the motion of formers I82 beneath the drive of springs 28, to .drop into a amassing field. The stick 2 is prevented from moving away from the meeting station by the use of the vertical leg of a set information I513. There is at all times sufficient frictional contact between each stick and the twirling rolls I4 and IT, to twirl each stick 2 till the lots 32 have been completely shaped.

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Hence, the continuously rotating stud shaft 53 causes the shaft 38 to be intermittently turned, each mentioned turning motion being by way of an angle of 90 degrees. In’this embodiment, every of the gears 23 and 24 has twelve teeth, and during every intermittent motion, each stated gear is turned through an are which corresponds to 3 of stated teeth. The Geneva stop locks the gears 23 and 24 towards turning, between successive movements thereof. Hence, all of the rolls 2Ib and 20b and 19?

Swab Making Machine

This adhesive is situated in a tank Hit, which has two vertical and laterally spaced outlet pipes 18]. The bottom ends of pipes I81 are positioned instantly above the highest of applicator rolls .529, which are fastened to lateral shaft fifty two. When it is fed into the machine, is about 0.a hundred twenty five inch, and such thickness is lowered to about 0.007 inch by the gang of drawing rolls, which produce a sliver of the absorbent cotton. In this machine, I even have illustrated solely three pairs of drawing rolls, so that the absorbent cotton is attenuated in two successive passes. I can use any variety of pairs of drawing rolls, relying upon the thickness of the cotton which is fed into the machine. The original width of the cotton strand which is fed into the machine, is reduced by the attenuating and stretching motion of the drawing rolls.

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A liquid adhesive or binder is applied to each dry size T on the assembly station, so that the layers of every length T will firmly adhere to every other. This binder is utilized to each size T, immediately on the point the place the respective length T is wound on the stick 2. I thus apply the hinder or adhesive to every length T, through the formaticn of the swab, so that every swab is accomplished as a finished and salable article at the assembly station. The adhesive which is applied to the respective lengths T of the dry absorbent cotton at the assembly station may also be an aqueous answer or suspension of gum arabic.

Swab Making Machine

One finish of a respective biasing rigidity spring 28 is fixed to each extension 21. The other end of each tension spring 28 is mounted by a respective pin 29 to the body of the machine. The axis of each stick 2 is kept substantially or wholly horizontal, whereas stated stick 2 is thus supported and twirled by the rolls I4 and I1. 1 reveals the stick abutting the underside endwall of wedge I2a, simply after the stick has been launched from notch I5, and simply earlier than the cylindrical or convex part of roll I!

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There is an idler pulley 4|, to which the drive belt 39 could be shifted from pulley A2. The shaft 36 has a handwheel 49′. eight exhibits how the notch I5 of roll M has moved past the stick 2, and it illustrates the placement of notch [5 just after the start of .the twirling operation. Each rigid former I02 is integral with a respective inflexible arm I25, which, as shown in Fig. 1, is turnably connected to the body of themachine by a shaft 26. Each arm I25 has a inflexible relying extension 27.

Disposable cotton swab making machine is design with the function of fast velocity, excessive efficient, excessive intelligent, compact structure, straightforward operation, easy maintain. The production velocity is adjustable, cotton swab head is with same measurement and tight wrap cotton. Such assembly station is offered with twirling rolls for twirling the stick, of the sort proven in U. S. Patent No. 1,175,831, issued to Spinney on Mar. 14, 1916.