Ill Pill Wheels

The white 70D material just isn’t snow white, however slightly cream coloured, making the wheels look much more like skateboard wheels. Each set of Ill Pills encompass 5 (!) wheels with ABEC 9 ball bearings. The Ill Pills Mini Wheels have a diameter of 6.7mm and are thus between Oak Wheels M (7.0mm) and Oak Wheels Mini (6.2mm). Ill Pills Street Wheels have a diameter of 7.8mm and are thus almost as massive as Oak Wheels RV2 (7.9mm).

Ill Pills are the first resin fingerboard wheels I’ve heard of. In terms of grip, they are the precise opposite of urethane wheels. They are comparatively slippery and more like Blackriver Wheels and some FlatFace Wheels (e.g. G4 Crystal Clear) in terms of grip.

Sick Drugs Street Resin Darkish Green/white

On our scale from 1 to 10, Ill Pills Resin have a 2/10 whereas Blackriver Wheels have slightly more grip (3/10). Due to the fabric, the wheels make a better pitched squeaky noise, which is okay on most surfaces. Since hardly anybody does powerslides all day, this is not a big problem. However, should you solely ride on granite, the noise could get a bit annoying in the lengthy run. Ill Pills 70D premium urethane have more grip, but not fairly as a lot as Oak Wheels. On a scale of 1 to 10 Ill Pills 70D have a 6/10 and Oak Wheels have a 9/10.

Ill Pill Wheels

Featuring abec 9 bearings with a bearing lock system. Made from 70D urethane and will squeak on most surfaces. I additionally had different widths for my illpill minis. They preformed amazing although, other than a shot bearing which didnt matter much since there’s an extra.

Two Tone Sick Tablets 70d Wheels

My set of Illpills got here with three wider wheels and a pair of slim ones. Not Skull fingerboards, they only give four.