Hurricane Mulch Kit

I can usually get everything mulched on the primary reduce. Once all the leaves are down I blow out the beds and about 90 % of every thing on the garden. On huge lawns I make piles and either tarp or I’ll push piles to the road. If i gave up business mowing, however stored the machine for personal use Id use a mulch kit, but not commercially. The “Eye of the Hurricane” mulch plates that maintain clippings within the path of the Eliminator blades, and this design ensures clippings are finely shredded and forcefully scattered down toward the soil, returning very important nutrients to the turf. Not only does this save you time and maintain the lawn wholesome, however it additionally advantages the environment by reducing landfill waste.

Each Hurricane equipment features a set of serrated “Eliminator” mulching blades with a excessive lift, “double-cut” edge for fast, thorough shredding of grass clippings and particles. Vital vitamins are put back into the soil. Each Hurricane package features a set of serrated “Eliminator” mulching blades with a high carry, “double-cut” edge for fast, thorough shredding of grass clippings and particles. The “Eye of the Hurricane” mulch plates effectively pressure the minimize grass into the path of the Eliminator blades, the place it is shredded and quickly pushed into the ground. This prevents loading up of grass clippings on the underside of the deck and requires much less horsepower to mulch, even in moist situations. We run full mulch kits on 61” turf tigers and walkbehinds within the fall however we use regular medium carry blades with longer fins.

Scag Hurricane Mulch Techniques

They additionally don’t do nicely when taking off 4inches of thick grass. I’ve put them on too early and paid for it and I’ve put them on too late and solely obtained 1 to 2 cuts with them. So now I just run doubles and depart one mulch package on the 61in stander in case there may be plenty of leaves.

The blades that come with mulch kit don’t provide you with sufficient carry. The mulch kits work really good on dry leaves and do a good job on wet leaves ,actual thick piles 2’ + piles where you’d blow beds out require 2 passes however leaves are completely gone. Also you need to have the power to mulch on good grass naked ground will mulch but you will see leaf residue. I ran them on a couple of mowers. 2 scags have been forty eight and one 36 scag and 36 snapper.

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Another is 3.5 acres with bushes all over the place.. Probably 4 instances the quantity of bushes than the 5 acres property. Based on our dealer saying it’s not widespread in our area. However when considering the amount of timber this 12 months my question is that this.

By no means does running doubles replace a full mulch package. I ran a mulch package on my mower for a couple of yrs full time yrs ago. I loved it on my personal garden for leaves, as I’d do the yard real quick 2-3 instances every week in the course of the worst interval of fall. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I have to agree.

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Based on our dealer saying it’s not widespread in our area. Eliminator blades, a aspect discharge close-off plate and hardware complete the system. The result’s one of the best performing, most efficient mulching system obtainable for business mowers! Because the cutting chambers are not utterly separated, grass clippings journey between the chambers for high-velocity mulching.

Hurricane Mulch Kit

Do you guys mow with kit on additionally. Do u have clumping issues when mowing with the equipment on if ur nowtcleaning leave. We never bag them it’s by no means been a problem.

Hurricane Mulching System

Price tag has prevented me from “experimenting”. Sorry I don’t have earlier than and after pics. Won’t have the flexibility to get pics as I actually have gotten out of the mowing side of the business. Work now repairing at native shop. Much simpler on body and less tense. Copyright © 2018 All rights reserved.

Just so you understand the scope of leaves we get in Florida. These pics are after 2 weeks cleansing. This goes on for about 3 months each 2 weeks on property cleanup. I actually have mulched 98% of the time for the last 20 years . The Hurricane is the worst “equipment” I even have ever used on a 36 .

Hurricane Mulching Equipment

Jeez, that is some monster cleanups! At least you’ve time to get them cleaned up. Usually get about 4-5 weeks to get then carried out. Or it turns right into a spring cleanup. Sohars is a Pro-Gold SCAG Power Equipment supplier and it is a genuine SCAG product.

Over the last 15 years we have always done leaves in the fall with our mulching blades and chute blocker. Most of the grass we mow is cool season. We have never had problems cleaning up leaves. Most of our yards have average amount of bushes for fall clear up. Some in fact are tree traces to the wazoo..

Hurricane Plus™ Mulch System

All had full kits on them I even put the hurricane baffles on the snapper to help it from wind rowing. I additionally modified the blocker shoots on them to be removable with 2 bolts. I may take away the shoot in 30 seconds. That was very useful when mulching on greater lawns with plenty of thick grass and leaves. The forty eight mower had been far better at mulching than the 36 ones were. The better of each worlds is having one mulch and one nonmulch mower on thick heavy leaves.

The distinctive Hurricane Plus Mulch System employs “Eye of the Hurricane” mulching plates combined with bolt-in v-baffles and move administrators. The unique Hurricane Mulch System employs “Eye of the Hurricane” mulching plates combined with bolt-in v-baffles and circulate directors. Cut that grass again, and again, and once more until it’s chopped up finer than sawdust with a hurricane mulch package. Just need a new mulch plate or other mulching accessory? This is the proper place to look.

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I now run a ocdc, and double blades yr spherical. I rotate what blades depending on time of yr. Spring and summer season I run a G5 stacked with a high raise for nice outcomes. Come fall a G5 with a shredding mulch blade. This works great for the grass nonetheless rising, but additionally destroys leaves. What I like in regards to the ocdc vs mulch package is that I can shut the flap and destroy leaves, but when they get a bit to thick open the door and mow the heavy stuff, reducing down a number of the quantity.

The Hurricane Plus™ contains a patented design that takes mulching to a new stage. I even have the kits for my forty eight and sixty one scag. They do very will on mulching leaves but the QOC goes down with it.