Homestuck Convention Horror Stories

One of our group members was compelled to take a family friend with her and let her stay in our room. Any sort of recompense after the fact is going to be met with resistance. Gropers are often people who discover themselves charming in any other case, and used to getting away with things. There shall be people who come to their protection, as a outcome of they don’t fit the image of a sexual predator. Hurting someone in the midst of this is not going to vary peoples’ minds in regards to the guy.

Homestuck Convention Horror Stories

It doesn’t assist whenever you say you’d punish somebody if and whenever you saw con harassment. First off, you’re not going to see it. The socially aware groper can learn your good intentions towards the ladies around you, and can bide his time till you aren’t around.

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Because—and let’s be clear on this guys—while awkward conversations and horrible sexist speech are problems, the massive concern in con harassment is physical violation. Groping, inappropriate touching and different, worse types of invasion of a woman’s private area. This is never accomplished by socially awkward men. Downtown Baltimore is secure enough, however about three blocks uptown and additional the realm will get increasingly dangerous. I once made the mistake of strolling to my hotel from the Radisson at 4AM and I witnessed an altercation between some cops and a person by which guns have been out. PLEASE care for yourself – when you should walk late at night, remember to have a quantity of friends with you.

A woman wanted to comb this occasion underneath the rug so unhealthy that she said she was routinely beaten by her boyfriend, and it was no massive deal. I don’t suppose she knew what she was saying. She solely needed the second to move, and for me not cave her boyfriend’s face in. This has nothing to do together with your masculinity, or your ability to dish out bone-crunching violence. It has nothing to do with you being men.

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It has to do with being a human being. Which means that once the get together has began, nobody desires it to stop. Most individuals are greater than keen to excuse harassment, if it means an awkward moment has passed. Which brings me to my final point. While I don’t doubt that a few of them males who I truly have heard say they would act would, in fact punch a groper in the face, I know that the majority of you guys would not do anything.

After about half-hour of watching this horror present, we left and continued wandering the conference. By the tip of that day, we have been once more drawn to that group by some exterior drive of fate. Again we sat down on the same couch, watching them while discussing the con.

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Alright, so my associates and I are hanging out at a smaller con, chilling out and having a good time. This March would be the 10 12 months anniversary of something that changed the course of human history endlessly. Something that shocked me, one thing that makes me weep every time I take into consideration, something I’ve wished to investigate for ages. ” you could be foolishly asking, however I’ll answer you nonetheless. I’m speaking about the Homestuck Sharpie Bath Incident.

Homestuck Convention Horror Stories

But if you’ve ever spent a while around socially awkward males (and you most likely have, it’s a big world) you may have noticed that they don’t touch individuals. Touching provides an additional layer of complication to social interaction, one that may simply be prevented by not touching. Which has been fantastic, for causes I’ll get into. But I’m seeing so many of the similar responses to these discussions that I’m unsure everybody understands what con harassment actually is.

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Near the end of the night no one had picked anything up, my pals and I picked it up for them to keep away from any convention authority drama. The whole night they have been running around the room with swords and other harmful weapons, and tugging on every other’s costumes until they hit the floor roughly. At one point a Jade cosplayer dropped face first onto the floor.

Homestuck Convention Horror Stories

So when boys say “I would beat up a rapist for you! “ or “I would have kicked that guy’s face in! ” or “Well you probably can really feel secure with me! Me and my pals determined to attend a late night time movie panel and our resort was proper down the road from the convention, far sufficient away to drive. And I, on total accident, left my lights on and my battery died, to make it even worse I forgot to place jumper cables in my car and we needed to go round asking folks if they had any and nobody did.

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I virtually jumped up, pondering she harm herself. For an excellent ten seconds I saw no motion. I heard someone near the security guard yell, “GUYS, JADE IS DEAD!!!! ” The security guard seemed up worriedly, confused as to if she was joking or not. Then, everybody dogpiled onto Jade.

I bought her a con badge, however since it was a “second artist” I didn’t have a “helper.” I was advised no, the “main artist” of the desk must assist me arrange. I just paid the total cost of the desk so s/he would share with me. Because CM is so stupid, people get the tables after which basically “resell” them by getting “second artists” to pay the complete table and even some of their journey expenses. The first day of the con was a huge drama bomb. Terezi additionally tried to make my greatest pal, who has again and neck issues, sleep on the air mattress simply because she didn’t need to.

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The registration line, which traditionally wraps around the 3-block-long conference heart on Thursday and Friday, is 90% in the sun. It’s often shiny and sunny all three days, so remember to defend your pores and skin and wear something breezy and cozy as much as attainable. At the convention Anime Expo in 2012, a number of pals had determined to remain in a hotel and cut up the price. The concern was, a couple of particular person had dropped out and the 2 friends couldn’t afford to pay for a hotel room all by themselves.

But extra importantly, some of them might be drunk and harmful. If someone heckles you, simply walk away. If they continue to be troublesome, call the police . There are some protesters there who present up yearly, and I assume I remember a Jesus cosplayer a few times. That evening while we had been all sitting together consuming dinner on the con floor a Jesus cosplayer got here as much as us and asked for a picture. Icing on the cake someplace on the internet is a picture of my fiancee and I as GodTier Homestuck characters hanging out with Jesus.

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Then the culprit, who was cosplaying a crappy fantroll, grabbed my butt and giggled, and ran away earlier than security got here. My good friend had a panic attack and now she’s afraid of conventions. I didn’t wish to snoop by way of her things, it felt wrong and I nonetheless really feel dangerous for it even typing this up now. We opened her giant suitcase and started to dig by way of.

Homestuck Convention Horror Stories

In 2012 I went to my residence con in my God Tier John for the primary time and got into a heated debate with a protester and stayed in character the whole time. First time I did a whole con in full cosplay, too. So, you’re not a homosexual, cosplaying John “not a homosexual” Egbert. Thank God, it drives me nuts after I see two random cosplayers of John and whoever else making out. Best character/5 hats expertise.