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When you hold one thing, you carry or help it using your hands or arms. The past tense and previous participle of hold is held, not ‘holded’. Vi phrasal + prep resistir ante vi + prepoponerse a v prnl + prepThe distant mountain village held out towards the overseas armies. Vtr phrasal insep estar sujeto loc verbThe rope held quick to the boat. To bear, sustain, or assist with or as if with the arms or arms.

Hold & Go Insulated Cups

Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. The decrease inside part of a ship or airplane where cargo is saved. To hold in a position or state from an earlier time period. She held out the likelihood that she might run for office.

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Hold on vi phrasal mantenerse entero loc verbI know you may be upset, but you have to maintain on for the sake of the kids. Hold forth vi phrasal no parar de hablar loc verbPrince Charles may hold forth for hours as regards to architecture. ‘s progress)ser un lastre loc verbShe wants to be an actress but a lack of expertise is holding her back. Hold one’s tongue to remain silent or cease speaking. His opponents tried to show his arguments incorrect but he managed to hold his personal.

Hold & Go Insulated Cups

Copyright 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc. A characteristic on a phone that allows voice communication to be interrupted with out breaking the connection. To keep one’s place against opposition. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

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The authorities is committed to holding exports at their current degree. The president held an emergency meeting to discuss military technique with his defence commanders yesterday. He presently holds the position of technical manager. More examples You have to carry my hand once we cross the road. Any particular person compartment of such cargo areas, closed by bulkheads and having its personal hatchway.

Vtr poseer⇒ vtrser dueño de loc verbShe holds the land, however it is used by the entire family. Hold n apretón nmHe had a decent maintain on his daughter’s wrist. ⇒ vtr agarrar⇒ vtrShe holds her child’s hand after they cross the road.

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New stimulus funds took hold in time to maintain unemployment low. Four million extra tons of grain are held in reserve each month. Things weren’t very totally different when the earlier government held workplace. You should not really want your boss to carry your hand any longer.

Hold again, maintain, maintain back, reserve, retain, withhold. He is capable of holding forth with great eloquence. He held firm opinions which usually conflicted with my very own.

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The world’s largest biotech firm holds patents on the DNA sequences of 1000’s of varieties of grain. She holds the mortgage, so she has the proper to foreclose on the property. If you hold your nostril, you press your nose tightly between thumb and finger to close it. The police are holding a number of people in custody for questioning. More examples He holds a 40 p.c stake within the firm.

The tank ought to maintain sufficient to last us a couple of days. She was held to be one of the most talented actors of her time. Experts maintain various opinions as to the causes of the disease. Police are holding two men in reference to the theft. You can’t expect them to carry the job open for for much longer – you’ll need to decide whether or not you want it or not.

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To bear, sustain, or assist, as with the palms or arms, or by some other means. Hold on tightly v expr agarrarse⇒ v prnlShe held on tightly to the railings as she crossed the footbridge. V expr agarrar a vtr + prepagarrar⇒ vtrMr. Jones caught maintain of Mark by the collar and dragged him off to see the headmaster.

Hold & Go Insulated Cups

The CEO holds energy solely as lengthy as the directors approve of his strategies. He currently holds the place of managing editor. The new drug holds promise for relieving continual pain. More examples He held me personally responsible every time something went mistaken in the project.

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To maintain one’s position towards opposition; continue in resistance. No, I’m on my method to the library—they’re holding a book for me. The works of Magritte and Miro proceed to carry their worth at auctions regardless of the art-market slump. Inventor Charles Fritz holds the patent to the Tripledge windshield wiper.

I took maintain of the deal with and pulled as onerous as I could. She was the first lady to hold the workplace of Australian state premier. Lift your head off the floor and maintain this position for five seconds. As “to maintain up one’s course,” 1830 as “to maintain one’s grip on something,” 1846 as an order to wait or cease.


⇒ vtr abrazar a vtr + prepThe couple held one another tightly. More examples Without saying a word, she took maintain of my arm and marched me off to the headmaster’s office. Most lately, he was chief executive officer of Cibus Pharmaceutical Inc., a privately held drugdelivery firm. More examples He took my hand and held on very tightly. Grasp, grip, clutch, cling to, have a agency hold of, more…

Hold & Go Insulated Cups

So, extra scenes were written and a second part of manufacturing commenced in September 2008 which wrapped on November 1. In order to sign-in to your account, you should first change your password. Hold out vi phrasal durar⇒ viI don’t suppose the cattle feed is going to hold out until Christmas, we must order more.