Hawk Hill Dope Card Holder

The Sidewinder is just $30, and that’s what I usually advocate to my friends … however a few of these different products supply some features which are compelling for some situations. It’s certainly a fun time to see all these new products come on to the market and compete to help us be simpler. The instance beneath exhibits what my dope card usually seems like on a stage. This example has three targets, and for each one I wrote down the gap, my elevation adjustment, and my holds for the bottom and highest winds I think I might expertise on the stage. In this example, I’m guessing the wind will doubtless be between 9 and 14 mph.

Wind can change both right before your timer starts and even whereas you’re on the clock taking pictures the stage, so I find it helpful to write down down multiple wind maintain. Having your adjustments written down in an easy-to-reference format keeps you from having to push buttons or attempt to learn a screen while you’re on the clock. Honestly, what device I use modifications primarily based on the format of the rifle match. For most PRS/NRL fashion matches, I just like the paper & Hawk Hill Dope Holder I talked about to start off this publish. But, I’d most likely nonetheless use a QB wrist band with wet-erase markers in a match like Steel Safari that consists of unknown distance targets that you must discover, range, and have interaction all on the clock. There are a pair issues worth mentioning that differentiate this from a Kestrel weather meter.

Hawk Hill – Rmd Spuhr

I discover myself utilizing related gear in these sorts of matches to what I use looking. But each style of match has its personal challenges and advantages, and slightly totally different technique. I even have been selling quite a number of of the Yow-Tech DOPE card holders that mount to a standard picatinny scope rail that only needs 1.4mm of house.

What works well for one particular person might not work well for one more. I wished to share a couple of examples for brand new guys, however don’t want to current any choice as “the right way” to do it. 300 mil pvc card and marking pencil to put in writing directly on card.

Hawk Hill – Replacement Knowledge Cards

The solely reason I rated it as four stars is because it is a bit expensive for an information card mount however it works so there’s that. The Sidewinder Dope Card Holder ($30) is another product that gives similar performance at a much lower price. I’ve seen more shooters at rifle matches using a Sidewinder to keep track of their dope on the clock than one other other product. The Sidewinder was really created by one of the high PRS shooters, Marcus Blanchard.

I’ve heard veteran shooters recommend making bold wind corrections, and not missing on the same facet of the goal twice. Also, fine-tuning your wind name and applying data from earlier photographs so that you are centering your impacts as you step out can enhance your odds of cleaning a stage. Our preferred method to apply knowledge to the RMD for capturing matches is with a strip of masking tape and a sharpie marker. For Hunting take advantage of our Flat Dark Earth cards and create a trajectory card to take hunting so you can seize and go.

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When you don’t want to use it you can just push over to the opposite aspect like in both pics or however you need. This is a set of 3 replacement cards for the Hawk Hill Custom “RMD” or Rifle Mounted Data-Holder, also referred to as a DOPE holder. Another method to apply knowledge to the RMD is with a strip of masking tape and a sharpie marker. © Copyright 2022 PrecisionRifleBlog.com, All Rights Reserved.

Sniper’s Hide is a group of Snipers of all types, focusing on lengthy vary capturing, accuracy, and ballistics. Founded by Frank Galli in 2000, Sniper’s Hide has been offering informational movies, podcasts, and different help to its customers in one location. Awesome product that Easily pulled out of the method in which when you’re not using it. Hawk Hill is a superb company that actually cares about Percision shooting as almost all of their employees are shooters as properly in order that they perceive and create products that are related. You need to make use of a Map Marker after which Alcohol pen/wipe to get it off.

Rifle Mounted Data Holder – Picatinny Mount

Hornady’s app is reportedly very accurate, particularly if you’re using their bullets. Scroll through targets and send target knowledge to your Kestrel without breaking your taking pictures place. • Industrial energy velcro for attaching numerous objects to card. Industrial power velcro for attaching varied objects to card.

• 300 mil pvc card and marking pencil to write down instantly on card. I picked considered one of these up because I had tried the Spuhr mounted model on one other gun and really favored it. They are a bit spendy for only a knowledge card holder however they hold up properly and the articulation and being ready to move it if you need is helpful.

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I love my Cole Tac one easy to use can keep mounted and may’t actually break the thing. I’ve used a couple different Dope card holders and this has been the most durable at an inexpensive value. Thank you for highlighting these decrease price but essential instruments to extend hit percentages. I plan on trying out my very first PRS match in April on the Red Thunder Ranch in Manchester, Kentucky. As somebody new to the game what easy DOPE system recommendations would you make?

Cal Zant is the shooter/author behind PrecisionRifleBlog.com. Cal is a life-long learner, and loves to assist others get into this sport he’s so enthusiastic about. Cal has an engineering background, distinctive data-driven approach, and the power to present technical info in an unbiased and straight-forward trend.

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I’ll just be working a Tikka T3X varmint in 223 in an XLR Element chassis with a Bushnell Engage SFP 4-6×44 scope. I’ll be loading up some Hornady seventy five or 80 ELDM bullets and possibly look into a sub $500 FFP scope to modify the system up, and getting some kind of small fortune cookie capturing bag. Appreciate your recommendation for a newbie seeking to get my feet moist and have some fun. This will embody approximately 10 of the Velcro dry erase cards. • Coated stainless exterior screws for a blacked-out look and extreme corrosion resistance. Coated stainless exterior screws for a blacked-out look and excessive corrosion resistance.

Sandwich the ends of the ties between the laminated playing cards using the Velcro strips. Easy, and everything you want could be sourced at an workplace provide store and a hobby/craft store. I was utilizing a wrist coach for some time and received tired of getting tanlines on my forearm.

E-dope Card

Electronic paper can hold static textual content indefinitely without electricity, so that they don’t run batteries down like other displays. It looks like a reasonably best technology selection for this software. In this post, I need to attempt to help the guys who could be in an analogous scenario by providing some ideas for the way different shooters handle their dope on a stage. There also appears to be some new, revolutionary products coming available on the market, so we’ll have a glance at a few of these on this article as nicely.

Hawk Hill Dope Card Holder

We satisfaction ourselves within the American custom of quality craftsmanship. Our preferred approach to apply data to the RMD is with a strip of masking tape and a sharpie marker. I screwed a clip from a tape measure to the aspect of my MDT ACC chassis. The chassis conveniently already had a tapped gap within the best location.