Giant Dragon Cropcircles

On protection, it is bewildering, has excellent really feel and control. Cropcircles is amongst the greatest rated lengthy pips of Giant Dragon. This is an allround long pimpled rubber that’s good for both defense and assault. Cropcirles has fantastic control and is verry simple to carry out any sort of passive and attacking strokes. Also like all the opposite Giant Dragon rubbers crocircles has very good longevity. Both my companions had plenty of bother with this, even though they’ve performed towards lots of pips players — our club has many!

These blocks usually hit the desk and skid very low. However, I would say that Talon is nearer in play to Grass D-tecs and a lot of players will discover it a great cheaper alternative for D-tecs. I’m actually liking these pips for their management. I transitioned to cropcircles from Palio, doublefish and used to make use of super particular these pips execute most strokes well, flicks, blocks, and chops.

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Red OX – Very good chop blocking, close and away from the table. Good control even on a quick blade. I borrowed my pals paddle with Tibhar DTecS OX to use for comparison. They appeared very similar to me. I beat him with my Cropcircles with each of us taking half in a near table fashion. I additionally beat him utilizing my Globe 979 OX.

Giant Dragon Cropcircles

Tachi is my blade solely to go with the dtecs – in any other case I most likely would by no means have modified from FW+. So, it might not be an excellent blocking rubber.. So far, one of the best blocking rubbers are all broad spaced with AIR Upupupup being the exception.

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I was also using Dr. N’s Tornado Ultra in 1.5 on my forehand. Do you do individual coaching sessions? I am seeking advice and training on creating a more aggressive fashion with LPs on my backhand. I’ve been back within the recreation for the previous two years after a long separation from the sport. Truly love competing and would like to transfer to the next stage of play.

So I simply must work extra on this element. On offense, it creates surprising path and spin, destroying an opponent’s rhythm. The pip is very sensitive to spin so chop-blocking is tough on fast loops. On slower loops it is possible but I wold prefer simply to make an energetic block because it is a lot simpler and I can depend on this shot more. This rubber is each an offensive and defensive long pips. On offense, it creates sudden path and spin, destroying rhythm.

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I normally assault by hitting virtually any ball again, but I couldn’t hit persistently with this — esp. in comparison with different GD LP rubbers. It could additionally be I want extra time or it could just not be a great hitting LP. I enjoyed being ready to play extra aggressively than normal primarily because I might actually get on the table. I even have each LPs in OX and sponge.

I was underneath the impression that Crop Circles was quite grippy. Guess I’ll should order a sheet. Maybe the incorrect thread for this question. I used the Ultra for a few seasons and it labored great with my old FLP/SP combo. Faster than the Tachi in every means which wasn’t an issue with FLP but with dtecs I would not even bother trying it. I went from the Ultra to the softer and slower FW+ which was still way too quick for me with dtecs.

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Sounds a bit just like the Pogo, less reversal but easier to make use of than Dragon Talon. Honestly, though, after about 5 months of using the Dragon Talon I would not return to one thing that’s much less disruptive but easier to use. Giant Dragon Cropcircles is each an offensive and defensive long pips. On offense, it creates sudden path and spin, destroying an opponents rhythm. On defense it’s bewildering, has excellent hand feel, and lets the user maintain very good control of the ball. But after I do a great chop – there’s a lot of spin on it because of the grip of the pip.

I normally use sponge and after I change to OX I all the time pop the ball up. Is a long pips that can be utilized properly in each state of affairs, shut the table the block is simple far-off it has an excellent control on the chop. The pips are long and spaced with a rough floor. Attack vs no-spin or light top-spin. Easy because of the gentle really feel of the sponge and the grip of the pips. So I played about 3 months with Talon OX and it totally started separating from the blade under my fingers.

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I’ve had two training classes and played about an hour with a pal for enjoyable, so I got here to some conclusions. I just lately beat a Grass DTecS OX player because of higher control. I decided to go away it on for upcoming sport on thursday bcs i want to see how it will behave in a correct match… So, Cropcircles (CC any longer has finally arrived yesterday and had a few games with it… I will update as get extra used to it and try to play a few of the gamers I often lose to. Still salivate at new lp potentialities but she’s nonetheless superior.

Thing It’s tremendous gentle (Cropcirclecs on 1.2 is 6 gr heavier than Talon OX), the sponge has a fantastic dampening effect .. Yep, the final one was not what I expected at all. Here is recreation 2 of my finals match at the Hutchinson, KS Open. My opponent was rated only a few factors below me but he had quite so much of trouble with my attacks with the Cropcircles. Cropcircles comes with a gluesheet attached and I used the gluesheet to connect the rubber to the blade. You contemplate it to have good reversal?

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Registered users can share their experience with this product. Register to entry all of the advantages reserved to registered users or click on on login if you’re already registered. I just added a model new blade XVT balsa carbon 10mm thick. It appears to add one other dimension to my recreation, higher management. It arrived without glue sheet however with already sticky surface, so i just glued it to the blade with none glue…

Right now Sanwei Code zero.5 feels quite good. My Friend has file of sponged pips I can attempt. I tried some with dampening sponge , however it felt unusual and spin sensitive in pictures like pushes. Good Long Pimple,extra for protection however has risk to assault too. In ox version is very deceptive,with out less management. Attack Long is a protracted pip sheet that is completely different from different long pips in the marketplace.


In view of so many serious tributes to other lps, e.g. Talon, CC, Curl, Dorn, and so forth., conclusion have to be “horses for courses”. Joe, I even have ordered from them earlier than and can vouch for buying on their website. That is where I get my Talon long pips from.

Giant Dragon Cropcircles

I could stand on the table and block their hardest loops consistently. They were never able to hit again greater than three. I truly wasn’t all that interested in attempting it. Put it on Joo blade, black OX. Chop blocks, which I’ve at all times discovered less than best with the Joo blade, have been a piece of cake. My first pushes stayed low!