Fox Hollow Super Stakes

Detailed Description By far one of the best staking system that we’ve ever used. We have this staking system on all of our predator traps. In pink clay we put it down about 10″ and in sand we run it down all 16″. No extra cable stubs sticking up in your entice mattress. We have hundreds of these which were used and reused hard for 8 seasons.

Fox Hollow Super Stakes

Built to final it works nice in sandy soil, mud, or clay. Built to last, and can be used again and again, 12 months after yr. ™ Points Only Electro galvanized funding cast malleable metal stake finish with retrieving boss prepared for cable or chain. A one piece malleable solid metal stake ends. Super Stake Ends are tremendous top quality and work nice. Just add some cable and these infants are able to rock n roll.

Fox Hole’s Unique Tremendous Stakes

Bullet level one-piece metal stake end ready for cable or chain. Speed dip is designed to penetrate steel traps and get rid of and protect from undesirable scents. It preserves the trap and speeds the motion. Simply mix with gasoline or lantern gas, dip the traps and allow them to dry. Description Finned Super Stakes with Cable are available with 12″ or 18″ of 3/32″ or 1/8″ cable. Finned Super Stake Ends have double the holding energy of…

Fox Hollow Super Stakes

When pulling, hook on the chain hyperlink under your swivel to avoid stressing the J-Hook. By far the most effective staking system that we’ve ever used. This Staking System has been used from the black dust in Minnesota, to the pink clay of north Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas to the sugar sand of the Georgia/Florida border, southern Texas, and the Carolina coast.

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Or you’ll find a way to flip this section off by way of theme settings. When Coyote Trapping in black dust – drive it down about 14”. Intense, Sweet, Fruity, are a number of the words used by these making an attempt to describe this one. A mix of fruits, roots, and other high Muskrat attractors that truly calls ’em from a distance. Awesome swivel comes with two J hooks Use in-line or as a stake swivel or drowner lock.

A Fox Hollow Super Stake is connected to 16” of #2 straight hyperlink machine chain with a mighty hook, which is welded shut. Just connect your lure to the last link of chain with a 6 gauge J-Hook and Crunch Proof Swivel and you’re good to go. When coyote trapping in black filth we drive it down about 14”. In pink clay we put it down about 10” and in sand we run it down all 16”.

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Description Finned Super Stakes with Chain are made with 18″ of #2 select high quality straight link chain. The S-Hook is welded shut. Finned Super Stak… Best designed shock spring in the marketplace. Reduces the shock to the animal, minimizing foot and shoulder injury, and keeps the stake from being pumped out of the ground. Supplied with swivels and J hooks for quick installation.

I’ve been utilizing disposable stakes for a few years now and so they labored fantastic. I began with them as a result of they had been low-cost and I did not know any different. I lastly spent a couple of dollars more and received these chained tremendous stakes and WOW! These are one of the best stakes ever and very simple to tug up.

Chained Tremendous Stakes Finned 12 Pack

Perfect for Trapping, Hunting, Camping and Fishing. This pack basket was made with a lot of pockets to carry all your trapping provides. Works glorious for carrying your lure, bait, instruments, traps, and more into the sphere. ___ Dnfe to sincere personal consideration. Fox Hollow Super Stakes with 15” of #2 Select Grade straight link chain hooked up with a welded shut Mighty Hook.

These stake factors are electro galvanized with both an anchoring and retrieving boss constructed right in. The points are one-piece, precision cast of malleable steel. These are the factors of choice to be used in plowed, delicate, or moist ground. Added fins for double the holding power of the unique Super Stake.

Finned Super Stake With 12″ Cable

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Fox Hollow Super Stakes

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Super Stake With 18″ #2 Chain

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Added fins for double the holding power of the Original Fox Hollow Super Stake to be used in loose soil, plowed fields, dry sand, extremely moist soil, stream and lake banks and bottoms, and so on. Also added a Retrieval Boss for pulling the stake. 1/4” Boss holes will settle for 3/16” S-hooks for chain or as much as 3/16” cable. Fox Hollow’s super stakes is one of the hardest earth anchors around.

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