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Irrigation product when utilized in a extremely abrasive surroundings. DTPLDIG TUBE PROTECTOR WITH INNER LEDGE- Dig Tube Protector with an internal ledge. CTPLCROWN TUBE PROTECTOR WITH INNER LEDGE- Crown Tube Protector with an inner ledge. The Vacuum Excavator Tube with Rubber Cuff permits the tip of the tube to adapt to the underside of the working space.

Dig Tube

Drip Irrigation Tubing Extruded from premium polyethylene resin, DIG’s drip irrigation tubing and micro tubing are designed to meet each demand of a low quantity drip irrigation system, from agricultural installations to backyard gardens. The drip tubing is used as the first provide line within the installation of drip irrigation system, into which micro tubing, drip emitters, drip line or micro sprinklers are hooked up to deliver water to the plant areas. The drip tubing and micro tubing are manufactured with Dow 7510 linear low-density polyethylene resins and are proof against cracking, heat, ultraviolet stress and chemical compounds. DIG’s 1/4″ micro tubing is obtainable in both vinyl or polyethylene material and is used primarily to extend drip emitters and micro sprinklers from the poly drip tubing to the plant or used as the principle line in small drip irrigation systems.

Poly Tubing

Our customized weld-shop, high-performance crimping equipment and specialised tools are in our warehouse which is stocked with objects guaranteeing you can maintain your hydrovac truck transferring. Our commonplace tube is the tried and true irrigation kind aluminum tube. The Reducer is used to drop the scale of the suction hose from the hydro excavator’s stock hose dimension for tighter areas. If you are not 100% glad we’ll replace or refund any item inside 7 days of receipt.

Drip emitters are straightforward to install directly into the 1/2″ poly drip tubing or prolonged to the crops with 1/4″ micro tubing. DIG’s drip emitters incorporate 4 different working characteristics that embrace strain compensation, turbulent flow, vortex, and adjustable move. DIG supplies detailed information on every kind of drip emitter, together with product specifications, product features, the method to install and set up movies. Replace your overhead sprinkler irrigation with low-volume, drip irrigation, and save a big quantity of water by enhancing irrigation effectivity and lowering water runoff.

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Living Wall™ Vertical Garden DIG’s Living Wall™ vertical garden is a modular set of specialized containers and accompanying equipment that enables the consumer to create a vertical green wall. DIG’s Living Wall™ vertical backyard could be affixed to any wall structure to transform the area into a green, growing environment. This modular backyard can be fitted to any sized structure by attaching wall mounting brackets that might be secured to one another. DIG’s new Living Wall™ is designed to make a vertical garden simple to set up, increase and preserve on balconies, patios, indoor or out of doors walls, and fences. All vacuum tube extensions on this sequence have flanged ends that easily work with quick clamps.

Dig Tube

Foggers & Misters The foggers and misters are used for misting, humidifying and cooling applications, preserving plant foliage constantly moist or when overhead nice mist watering is required. Available with barbs or threads the foggers and misters have fantastic droplet dimension and really low circulate rates. The foggers and misters are perfect for watering pots, baskets, containers and crops that needs constant moisture, indoors or out.

_”x_” Aluminum Dig Tube C/w _” Vactor Flange Every Finish

This application is compatible with all Travis, Bandlock and Bush Hog fittings. Ocean Breeze Kits Misting System DIG’s OCEAN BREEZE® low-flow fogger out of doors misting techniques are used by way of the new summer months for cooling around patios, swimming pools areas and animal areas. The OCEAN BREEZE® misting methods are unhazardous and operate at pressures usually found in houses, with out the necessity for expensive pumps. By growing the moisture content material of the encompassing air, the OCEAN BREEZE® Evaporative Mist Cooling Systems can dramatically scale back the air temperature.

The Vacuum Relief Inline Style is ideal when operating lengthy extensions of vacuum suction hose. VTAL-FLXCRALUMINUM VACUUM TUBE, FLAT FLANGE x 6in CROWN NOZZLEUsed with Vactor / Vac-con style flanges and clamps. We can cold form most tubular metallic sections in lots of materials, prototype or small batch manufacturing, singular or complete assemblies to your specification.

Vacuum Hose Y-reducer

The hydrovac dig tubes are designed to final 2-3 times longer than standard aluminum dig tubes leading to super savings. Our aluminum dig tubes provide progressive safety features amongst others, together with non conductivity resulting in safer working environments for users of the product on the job. Hose End Timers DIG’s line of hose finish timers offers a convenient method to automate a drip or sprinkler irrigation system from a faucet or garden hose. DIG’s hose end timers offer programming flexibility for a wide range of applications and use solar power or batteries to function , offering a novel and environmentally friendly solution for control of your systems.

We stock an extensive range of tooling, subsequently we’re more probably to find a way to accommodate your functions saving you costly tooling charges. This tube is nice for Hydroexcavation because it is longer lasting. Designed to increase productiveness and reduce operator fatigue. The dual deal with design offers the operator more management over the suction finish of th… The Vacuum Tube with Crown Cuff is a fluted design to permit material to be pulled into the excavation tube even when the tube is sitting on the gro… The Vacuum Air Induction Tube permits ambient air into the vacuum system to assist keep air temperature down, while allowing improved materials suspens…

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Many of the dig tubes in our inventory come with the flange or bush hog to ensure you have all the best pieces. We also promote them separately in case you should order replacements or want to replenish on further pieces. These tubes can deal with whatever materials passes via them through the hydro excavation course of. For residential and commercial applications, or the place AC power is unavailable, DIG single stations battery operated controllers and timers supply essentially the most convenient approach to automate a drip irrigation or sprinkler system. The non-conductive plastic dig tubes are designed for safety and extended life. We offer a choice of metallic and plastic dig tubes in a variety of lengths and widths.

DIG’s photo voltaic powered controllers’ energy is derived by way of a patented, time-tested inner photovoltaic module and microelectronic vitality management system that’s fueled by the encircling ambient gentle. After being charged, this environment friendly power system offers sufficient power for the timer to function at any time, night time or day, and in any climate with no direct daylight required. This vitality system also makes the solar powered controller environmentally friendly, functioning only on clear renewable solar energy with out the necessity for a backup battery or AC power.

N X 6ft Long Hdpe Dig Tube With 6in Vactor Style Flange X Urethane Sleeve

1/8″ vinyl micro tubing is used with the Maverick™ 12-outlet drip manifold and our line of PC-CV single outlet drip emitters. Drip Emitters Drip emitters are the heart of any drip irrigation system. Drip emitters or drippers deliver small quantities of water directly to the plant roots, optimizing soil moisture with much less water misplaced to evaporation, runoff and wind. DIG supplies high quality, excessive uniformity and dependable drip emitters/drippers designed for residential and commercial landscape installations.

The Y-Reducer lets you break up your vacuum hose in two smaller line, helping to increase productiveness. The Y-Adapter allows you to break up your vacuum hose in two which can increase productiveness to 2 locations. We provide a full catalogue of hydro excavation and vacuum truck merchandise. We solely represent one of the best producers and their superior products ensure you and your staff keep secure, your merchandise last and money is saved.

Micro Tubing

The dripline, micro line and soaker hose are perfect for watering rows of vegetation, slender plantings and vegetable gardens, and the dripline and micro line may be looped around trees and crops to offer uniform irrigation throughout the system. Retrofit Drip Emitters DIG’s single and multi-outlets drip emitters are designed to easily convert sprinkler risers into environment friendly, water saving drip irrigation methods. All of DIG’s multi-outlet drip emitters and kits are designed to retrofit a 1/2″ sprinkler riser and to function on the authentic sprinkler system’s operating pressure, delivering equal move over a variety of pressures. Replace your overhead sprinkler irrigation with low-volume, multi-outlet drip irrigation, and save a big quantity of water by enhancing irrigation efficiency and decreasing water runoff.

The hotter and drier the air, the more noticeable the cooling impact. The low move misting heads are available with flow charges of.8 GPH to 1 GPH with micro sized droplets to maximize the cooling effect. To create your personal microclimate, merely attach an Ocean Breeze® system to any handy faucet. Turn on the water and enjoy the cooling consolation of an Ocean Breeze.