Cursed Images Tumblr

Sorry Ive been so quiet for the previous month or so, personal life and exams have been taking on nearly all of my time. Thank you to everybody whos followed me up till now, it is most appreciated. It was bizarre when it was a vibrant neighborhood and it would even be weirder now that it’s a digital ghost town. Still, we can’t assist but gawk at the terribly cursed photographs and posts that these weird folks churn out. Their brains should probably be studied by scientists—or at least some very brave psychologists. Cursed pictures are photos that feel eery and obscure.

I’ve up to date the original publish, but please verify the artist out should you haven’t already. Here are some 0f the most cursed Tumblr posts we could discover. A collection of pictures which are definitely cursed, hexed or otherwise bewitched.

Mcyt Cursed Photographs

They typically include timestamps, orbs, eye contact, antiques…. I do NOT claim possession of any of the pictures posted here. If you need an image taken down, please message me. Thank you to @wake-up-americunts for informing me of the artist of this image and sculpture.