Carol Danvers X Reader

You sat down on the aspect of the bed ready to tell her a narrative to get her to go back to sleep however she beat you to it. You slumped in your seat, defeated that even Maria didn’t imagine you. You took a sip of your drink when Monica walked in. This love came back to me carol returns six years after her “death” and something stored telling her to go discover you. She finds you…with someone she has by no means met before.

Carol Danvers X Reader

It took some exhausting work to get to the source of the sound. The piles of rubble weren’t secure and it’s not like y/n might fly. When she finally made it up a excessive mountain of stones and trash, she was greeted with a sight she would never forget. It was a battlefield like she had never seen earlier than. All of a sudden alone y/n went to the window ready for that glowing beam she knew to be her pal.

Sea Foam (bucky Barnes X Reader)

On her way there though she heard one thing. A sound that was kind of acquainted and made her shut her eyes in frustration. “And to answer your query, we’re at present heading to the coordinates of planet that’s supposed to be, well, empty. But we don’t know so much about it, it’s risky but we’re slowly working out of options.” y/n added with an extended sigh. ” “Good morning to you too, Captain.

It’s been 5 years for the rationale that one that obtained away walked out her door and proper out of her life. Now she by no means lets herself neglect the texture… Honestly, this was certain to happen.

Marvel/avengers One-shots

You felt a flutter of butterflies in your abdomen, your cheeks heating up from his gaze. And then Tony Stark stepped in entrance of you, blocking your view. But when the doors opened, it was simply Happy, with a lightweight smile on his face, his eyebrows raised at your not-so-friendly glare. “You’re not intruding on anything. Sit down,” you stated, motioning to the other chairs round you, slumping again into your personal seat.

Carol didn’t look after a big wedding, she simply needed to be married to you already. Pepper’s (and by extension, Tony’s) current to the 2 of you was a cabin by the lake. Carol and you met the day she rescued your mentor, Tony, from deep house.

Solely Kiss Me, When I’m Asleep

Having Carol near you made you felt extra calm and secure. Her arms were defending you from any kind of hurt. You hug her tightly, you need to ensure she was real, and she or he was here with you.

” a glowing Carol growled on the team within the room. She couldn’t comprise her feelings any longer. Everything got here effervescent to the surface and with no one responsible she didn’t know where to place her anger, until now. The others within the room had been scared, that they had by no means seen the Captain like that, and they didn’t know how to calm her down.

Imagine Dropping Carol To That Plane Crash Just For Her To Come Back To You Six Years Later

It didn’t matter, (Y/N) supposed. If she was an alien, then she was an excellent one. She’d at all times been cautious about utilizing it, particularly to her benefit. Maybe they’d seen her turn into an adult the opposite day to keep away from the pervy guy down the road.

Natasha grabbed her weapons and ran like she’s by no means run earlier than. On her way to the doorway of the small building she had already taken down over a dozen Hydra brokers. But she didn’t see them, the one issues she was targeted on was discovering y/n and ensuring Carol was alright. For the primary time in over per week the two felt hopeful. They didn’t have to say anything, both considering the same thing.

Carol Danvers X Fem!reader

After the preliminary moment, he gave into the kiss, and gripped the again of my neck. “Before we get there,” you took a deep breath to regular yourself. Your heart was pounding, cheeks flushed in nervous embarrassment. “I’m sorry,” you stated as he stayed silent. You unwound your hand from his, the butterflies rapidly turning into nausea.

Carol Danvers X Reader

Throwing your arms around his neck, you kissed him right on the lips. ” he requested, the fear evident in his voice. You shook your head, unable to kind phrases. Bucky grabbed your wrist and pulled you down the hall. ” Peter said, grabbing your wrist and pulling you closer.

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“I’m not like your dad, or any of the Avengers. I’m Peter Parker, I’m nobody, and my abilities are better served as a pleasant neighborhood Spiderman than someone who saves the world.” He appeared down at his lap. “It was cowardly, I guess.” You frowned. “Well you can’t push me away,” she stated, shrugging. “It just doesn’t work.” She gestured to your present scenario, smiling barely. You didn’t have to interact with her any longer.

He gave you a small smile, one which you returned kindly. Bucky appeared up at you then, and it shocked you to see the matching tears on his face. Your heart broke in that second as you realized everyone else was proper; Bucky was not a monster. You scooted to the left, till you were across from each other on the ground.

Ship It Or Rip It *mcu Edition*

A white carpet was specified by entrance of you, leading to the tree. The carpet was lined in rose petals. It looked like one thing out of a movie. ‘I want you to go to the bed room. You have been confused but did as you had been told, getting up off the couch and walking upstairs in the direction of your shared bedroom. ’ Your voice was small, for a second you thought no one would even hear you.

It appeared like she was more exhausted than she thought. As soon as Carol realized that y/n wasn’t combating she grew to become worried and solely had eyes for her, trying to keep her awake. “Hey y/n, you must keep awake okay? Come on, you gotta struggle this.” But y/n couldn’t hear her anymore as she was slowly shedding consciousness.