44 Magnum Bang Stick

When triggered, the gases would escape from the former primer hole into the goal. These Jaws manglers are the final word in bangstick collectables. A related device, the Farallon Shark Dart, used CO2 balloons injected through a hypodermic type knife blade to cause the identical impact. Cyclone™ Dart Replacement Tips are manufactured from 400 collection chrome steel. The Recreational Sport Hunter Package is a great number of gear for the beginner Alligator H..

44 Magnum Bang Stick

Powder coated with a sturdy finish, and geared up with high visibility reflector tape. It contains a .44 magnum caliber slide in barrel with a hairpin clip safety. Thanks for selecting Bill’s Bangsticks for all of your underwater protection needs. Our powerheads are designed for ultimate protection against sharks, gators,crocodiles and marine predators of every kind while scuba diving, spear fishing, boating, fishing, or snorkeling. Our bang sticks are also effective for alligator searching, wild hog looking and touchdown large fish corresponding to halibut.

Forty Four Magnum Bangstick Barrel

Comes with our engaging professional 8′ aluminum harpoon, 2 of our .. If you’ve any questions on how to use a bang stick.Please contact me for details on How To Use One. Seaway bangstick and its particular rounds. Note that the clean fires through what used to be the primer gap in the base. Our driver may be very sturdy and durable, created from ½” diameter chrome steel. It screws securely to .. Our aluminum welded harpoon poles are fabricated with receiver threads on every finish to advert..

44 Magnum Bang Stick

GATOR PRO .44 magnum O-Ring fashion Bangstick. An economical sort Bangstick for Alligator looking and Big Game Fishing. All of our power heads are machined from 303 stainless steel; mounted to our air stuffed FLOATING 6′ aluminum pole.

Particular / 357 Ultralite Bang Stick 26″ Rod & Ball Assembly $13800 *special*

Purchase your Gator Hunting Necessities Here. Kits are available with drastic reductions inbuilt for people who want every little thing to get began. The spherical was loaded ‘backwards’ with the former bottom of the rimmed cartridge case protruding.

Below is our tutorial video of this product. O-Ring sort Bangsticks do not have this feature which might cause a misfire. All of our power heads are machined from 303 stainless-steel; mounted to our 6′ aluminum pole.

Special / 357 Dual Security Bang Stick Forty” Rod & Ball Assembly $19400

This is the SAFEST most RELIABLE Powerhead on the market right now. It contains a Screw on barrel with a twin safety; screw lock and/or hairpin. Another key function is the SPRING ACTION CHAMBER. It is SAFE TO OPERATE and allows you to push the Alligator beneath the water floor WITHOUT compressing the bullet against the firing pin.

44 Magnum Bang Stick

Give your pole an added leve.. 5 ft long mounted on a aluminum pole. There are plenty of tactical shotguns in the marketplace today, but KelTec’s compact KS7 pump-action gun presents both capability and firepower in a reasonably distinctive bundle. Every few years law enforcement takes considered one of these off a legal who’s using it as a concealable zip gun, which brings undue scrutiny on the devices. With that being said, watch out the way you journey with these non-guns as a end result of very nice line they maintain with the ATF and numerous state regs.

Magnum Powerhead

All of our bang sticks and energy heads are CNC Machined from the finest 303 chrome steel. Each caliber has been designed with the prime consideration of safety, sturdiness and reliability. All of our power heads are machined from 303 stainless steel; mounted to our air stuffed FLOATING 6′ aluminum pole.

44 Magnum Bang Stick

A 12-gauge Beco bangstick with extension pole. Note the cotter pin safety. Loaded PPD could be slipped onto a spear gun shaft when the gray fits get too shut. These are totally secure until married as a lot as a spear, as they don’t have any on-board firing pin. The spear level does the work. It’s usually a bad thought to fireside these out of water, as unhealthy things can happen together with rocks and bone shards flying round like shrapnel.

Bangstick W/ Energy Head: 44 Magnum (o-ring Type)

Oh yeah, and remember to waterproof your ammo so that it’ll truly go bang. Most customers do that with slightly fingernail polish across the bottom of the primer. For shotgun shells, coat the primer with a dab of polish and hit the crimp point of the hull with some candle wax to get a good seal. This is a harpoon dart penetrator (G-102) fastened to a heavy duty STEEL Harpoon head, ready to be m.. Complete Aluminum Harpoon Kit.

Moving from brown water into blue, the opposite realm of the bangstick is in shark busting. Divers in worldwide and US federal waters can use bangsticks to defend themselves against pesky and potentially man-eating sharks poking round their dive web site. Our Big Game stainless-steel gator point harpoon dart is provided with a hardened stainless-steel Cy.. GATOR PRO’s Professional Alligator Hunting 12/0 snatch hook. It has a FULL OPEN BITE HOOK advan..


These Steve Zissou style gatts are usually hooked up to spears for taking fish at distance or to short (26-inch) ball and rod assemblies for close-in protection. With this being mentioned, there is a subset of spear fishermen who take recreation fish like tuna, stripers, and halibut with smaller caliber bangsticks, aiming for precision photographs to the pinnacle to preserve the meat. Gator sticks usually are mounted on long poles (think 5+ feet) so that the consumer can stand in a ship and slip it down into the swamp to dispatch an already caught wacky gator in the wild. Once endangered, many states including Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and South Carolina now have so many of these prehistoric beasts that their numbers have to be managed by searching. That’s the place the bangstick is out there in.

44 Magnum Bang Stick

Typical calibers against gators are .22LR/WMR, and .38. The GATOR PRO high performance harpoon dart is the preferred alligator looking dart in the .. In brief, guys who watched too much Jonny Quest as a child . While you don’t stumble throughout these specialized waterborne weapons in your native huge box sporting goods chain, there is not any shortage of makers out there. Custom Bang Sticks, Bud’s Bangsticks (formerly A&S), Beco Inner Space, and Bills Bangsticks all make them in an enormous variety of sizes, styles, and calibers.

Bangstick W/ Power Head: Forty Four Magnum (spring Type)

Bill’s powerheads and bang sticks deliver the ability necessary to protect you against sharks, alligators, and all different kinds of marine predators. We offer a full choice of bang sticks on the market from a .38 Special /.357 Mag. Up to a 12 gauge shotgun shell.

These run anyplace from $75-$200, which is sweet for such peculiar firepower. These bangsticks are split into roughly two colleges of improvement (who knew this is able to be so complicated?). One being to be used on land in opposition to reptiles usually still in the water, and the other underwater towards sharks and pelagic fish. For use with all of our bangsticks, harpoons, and fish gig poles.